“Ivo Paunov is an incredibly talented musician and composer. His approach towards recording and producing music is always brave and innovative, elevating visuals to a new level of impact.”

Borislav Slavov – Composer & Music Director

“Working with Ivo was not just about creating a great score, that’s a given! It was about developing the film as an idea while exploring sound—a rewarding creative process that lead to stunning music and final mix—can’t wait to do it again!”

Rafal Sokolowski – Filmmaker

“The compositions of Ivo Paunov are like oases where emotions find home. They provoke the ear and give rise to a strong desire to lose yourself in them. The listener falls into the atmosphere the music creates, and they pass through the places it leads, beckoning one to explore the emotional states the composer has created. Paunov’s music challenges the imagination with its sincerity, which stems from the composer’s connection to tradition and nature. Tradition inspires him, nature purifies him, and it is both that he completely dematerializes in his works. What remains are visions, tangible perceptions of vibrating air…The depth of his compositions seeks spiritual dimensions and charges the soul like any genuine art. The emotions encapsulated in his music become our own, and what follows is natural and inevitable—to relinquish oneself to them completely. “

Ilia Mihaylov – Music Director of The Great Voices of Bulgaria

Jazz FM Radio

“Bold and inventive experiments with jazz, classical and folklore in Ivo Paunov’s album Spectrum (2021).

In 2021, Ivo Paunov released the album “Spectrum” with works written over the years and recorded with the BNR Big Band with soloists Gergana Dimitrova and Lili Ilieva – vocals, Tsvetelina Beleva – flute, Atanas Iliev – clarinet, conductor – Lyubomir Denev – junior , with Zhivko Vassilev – kaval, and Margarita Ilieva – piano, as well as with the choir “Great Bulgarian Voices” with conductor Iliya Mihailov.”

Author Svetoslav Nikolov, Jazz FM Radio

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Bulgarian National Radio

The new audio-visual project “Five Elements” by Drop Down Community impresses with its powerful youthful energy which aims to transform the status-quo. Which are the five elements that the musicians turn our attention to?

Air, fire, water, earth—the four inextricably linked elements to whose destructive force the artists have added a fifth element—man and his deeds.

The composer Ivo Paunov has dedicated five short musical compositions to them titled “Five Elements”. The music conjures up the feeling of dramatic intensity and complements the inspiring images of Bulgarian landscapes with finesse. The orchestra’s energy transcends the boundaries of the concert hall.

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Bulgarian National Radio

Ivo Paunov: instrumentalist and film music composer in Canada

Ivo Paunov is a young instrumentalist, composer and leader of two bands—one in Bulgaria and the other one in Canada. He was born in Bulgaria and moved to Canada at the age of fifteen. Presently, he reveals that Canada immeasurably widened his horizons. Bulgaria however, is the place that will always surprise him. Ivo has been dedicated to music since early childhood. He can play several instruments and one of them is the traditional Bulgarian shepherd’s flute.

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Bulgarian National Radio

On April 12th at 7 p.m. at the Vivacom Art Hall, the gallery at 5 Oborishte Street in Sofia, the Underground Cello Quartet will perform a live concert as part of the “Volante” concert cycle. The program includes pieces originally written or arranged for four cellos by Ivo Paunov, David Popper, Wilhelm Fitzenhagen, Isaac Albenis, Astor Piazzolla, Emmanuel Chabrier, Gioachino Rossini, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and others.

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